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Our Journey, Our Purpose

I realize I didn’t not post in 2021. When I think back on our nine-year journey, 2021 proved to be one of the most challenging. Although we still had a house full of love and joy, our mother’s dementia continued to attack her brain. Our mother’s health was declining. The year started with a choking scare and much like the previous years. we were still dealing with all the other trials that go with caregiving. Before, it was slow subtle changes. This past year, the changes were quick and more obvious, even if we didn’t want to admit it.

Our mother unexpectedly passed away the first week of January. In my heart, I knew she wouldn’t make it past 2022, but I had no idea it would be the first week of the year. I really thought we would get a little more time. In all honesty, we have come to realize that God called her home in HIS time. The past three years taking care of her at home was the most rewarding thing we have ever done.

The concept for this website and subsequently the podcast has been on going. At first, we debated whether to continue, but immediately realized there is still a need to help others. And it is the perfect way to honor our mother’s legacy. Our first episode focuses on our journey and purpose.

We believe our experience is unique in that we’ve been caregivers at every stage of the process. We had three hospice admissions, the last one, obviously being the final. With almost a decade of experience as caregivers, we want to provide others with the armor they need for this journey. Thank you for your continued support.

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